Monday, May 19, 2008

The Truth

Are we ‘seekers’ of the Truth? Do we want to know what is true and what is untrue? Well, before we get too far along on our journey we might want to consider, at least for a moment, what it is exactly we are looking for. I mean we would not want to spend a lot of time, money, and energy looking for something that once found would bring us no satisfaction; would we? Also, if we do not, from the start, understand the thing searched out, then, upon encounter, will we recognize it?
Most dictionaries will inform us that truth should be consistent with the facts or what is real. But if we look up the word fact or the word real, then we are likely to find that these are defined as things that are true. Sounds rather like a British round-about.
Since a formal definition eludes us, we must turn to an intrinsic understanding. Any alleged event, statement, or proposition consistent with what “IS” shall be taken as True. Any alleged event, statement, or proposition which contradicts what “IS” shall be taken as untrue or False. What “IS” must be universal and absolute (axiom). Otherwise, all things become True and nothing is False. But, Falsehood exists. As example, take the following Proposition (P): Over the course of the year 2007, the relative position of the earth to the sun was constant. The negation of P is True. The negation of P is universally and absolutely True. There exists nowhere in space or time a place where the negation of P is untrue. Therefore, Truth is universal and absolute.
So then, what “IS” becomes the standard for Truth. But how do we determine what “IS”? Here we have a huge problem in our search for Truth. We can’t in our own human weaknesses and limited power determine, for certain, what “IS”. We can only ‘believe’ to have determined what “IS”. To this point, humanity has failed to agree to ‘believe’ the same things about what “IS”. In fact, I am sure some would contend that P is true based on their beliefs about what “IS”. Some concede defeat to this Goliath. The Post-Modern man has given up their search for universal absolute Truth and settled for a personal truth. What is not realized is that the search for personal truth is Truly futile (chasing the wind). For by definition, as the person changes, personal truth is ever changing; ever elusive; never to be grasped for more than an instant. It is the carrot held just out of reach. Personal truth is unattainable.
So, are we left empty of personal truth and cut off from the universal absolute Truth? Not at all. We have available access to Truth by the revelation of the One with no weaknesses and unlimited power. For “I Am” is what “IS”. God is the Truth. We have access to Him by His revelation. If He is not willing to reveal, then we are shout out from the Truth. However, if He is willing, then we are guaranteed the Truth. Truth is attainable; only by the will of God.
The good news is that God is willing to reveal the Truth. He proved it coming in person to reveal Himself. He announced Himself as “I AM” (John 8: 58). He identified Himself as what “IS” (John 14: 6). He continues this revelation to this day in the hearts of those willing to humble themselves before the mighty hand of God. If we are ‘seekers’ of Truth, then we seek to know Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
In the love of Christ,

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