Friday, June 5, 2009

holy Qur'an?

Can a Christian call the Qur’an Holy? He can only if he is ignorant or deceitful. When President Obama quoted (Cairo speech) form what he called the “Holy Qur’an” he showed his ignorance of the meaning of the word Holy in the spiritual sense or he contradicted himself. There can be no other explanation.
Christians believe, by definition, and repeat, by commission, that Jesus is God. Christians should know that when something is Holy it is spiritually perfect of God. The Qur’an states most specifically and more than once that Jesus is NOT God. Therefore, either Christians are wrong or the Qur’an is not Holy. This fact implies Obama is not a Christian (he says he is), Obama does not understand the meaning of the word Holy, or Obama is lying to the world; knowing full well that the Qur’an is NOT Holy.
In the love of Christ,