Friday, April 18, 2008

Why not Jesus?

Many people do not accept the fact that they are in need of a savior. I can understand at least two reasons for this attitude: (1) Things have gone well thus far and this person might be tempted to trust in their own strength to carry them or; (2) Many of the behaviors they choose to engage in are known to them to be against the will of God. In both of these cases they are not willing to give up the status quo for some dream of eternal bliss with God.

The problem they have is the same problem all of us have: SIN. God is Holy and righteous and those still in their sins are separated from Him. Those who have accepted Christ have been washed clean in the blood of Calvary and stand reconciled to God. Those who have not accepted Christ stand condemned already because of their unbelief. Since faith in Jesus Christ is the only way to reconciliation, then there can be no justification for any other path and therefore no hope outside of the Gospel.

So, no matter how well things have gone for you in the past (they went well for me for more than 30 years) and no matter how much you enjoy worldly pleasure (I spent long seasons in the vanity of the flesh) your situation is desperate without a relationship with Jesus. No one can force you to accept Christ. You may not want to because you perceive the cost to great. You are right about one thing: If you ask Jesus into your heart, then it will change your life forever.

In the love of Christ, Mel


Anonymous said...

Some have told me that they are not getting access to post. This then is a test.


Anonymous said...

Who do you think you're fooling Melvin "Moloth" Fox.
Sockpuppets are amusing for a while - but only for a while.
Give it a rest.

Oh your last post was so groovy Moloth-

Yes, it was - and you are really groovy too Romans 120-

get a life

Melvin_H_Fox said...

The Believer has Peace beyond understanding. The Skeptic is wise in his own eyes. If you are looking for Scott, I am not he.

My life is not my own, it is Christ who lives in me.