Sunday, September 8, 2013

Abortion: Are we doing the right thing?

In 1973 the United States Supreme Court decided that an unborn child is not a person.  Therefore, the fetus is not entitled to the rights guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.  In their course of making this determination they refused to take up the question of human life.  That is:  Is the unborn child / fetus a human being or not?  They found themselves not up to the task of answering this question.  However, they did conceded that its answer would be the determining factor could it be ascertained.
So let me ask the pro-choice people of the year 2013, if the fetus is a human being, then is its life more important than the privacy of the woman whose body is inflicted by this parasite?  If the answer is yes, then should we not now, with the vast medical knowledge attained over the past 40 years, re-examine this question?  Perhaps we can answer it more surely than could the cowardly justices of 1973.  Perhaps we could all agree that while a pregnancy can be enormously inconvenient for the mother, if the unborn baby is a human life, then we are bound to respect the life of an innocent human being over the convenience of another.  Do you have the stomach to look at this issue anew with an open mind to medical and biological facts?


Kirk Hodges said...

Do I think a life is more important than convenience? Yes.

Do I think people should have the ability to choose abortions on the sole reason of convenience? No.

Do I think abortions should be totally banned? No.

It should be highly regulated and only used under very specific circumstances. Meanwhile the adoption and pregnancy assistance programs should be made far more viable for the convenience crowd and those who otherwise feel they can't keep their child. There are many people out there who want kids and who would be good parents but cant produce their own.

Assuming the stat on abortions of convenience are true on the website you linked elsewhere this should eliminate a vast majority of abortions. While giving viable options for everyone.

Melvin_H_Fox said...

Are you willing to look at the question: Is the fetus a human being?