Thursday, September 24, 2009

"You've got to ask yourself one question..."

Does the phenomenon of luck exist? Before we can determine our answer we must agree on what it means to be lucky or unlucky. According to a conglomerate of definitions it seems that luck is taken to be a set of forces beyond our control that influence the fortune of the individual.

There exists a strong thread in these definitions that claims these forces are random, accidental, and unintended in their actions on the fortunes of men. Another thread reports that these forces operate for good or ill and therefore a purposeful intent behind the forces is implied.

If one refers to luck as in the second thread, forces operated with intent for good or ill, then I am inclined to accept its existence (although I would not use the term luck). On the other hand, if the forces of luck are supposed un-deliberate salvoes having marked but chance effect, then I must withhold my endorsement.


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